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Our Story

Making Motorcycling a Better Experience

It All Started with an Idea.

We started Slatin MotoGear in 2015 with one (1) goal; to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable for more riders.  The best motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves, etc. cost a lot of money by most rider's standards. Better materials, better construction, and better features cost a lot of money.  15 minutes of reading and photos, and you can tell the cheap stuff and the good stuff apart.  How to do it?

We bought into a factory where almost all the motorcycle protective clothing is made, giving us production quality and quantity control.  We designed our own clothing, cherry-picking advanced materials and the best features. Then, as a labor of love, we lowered profits to just what was needed.  Finally, we sell directly to motorcyclists, cutting out the "middlemen". Sounds simple, right?

Made in America and Charity.Think about it...if you want to make cars, you go where the skilled workers are.  Like artists, they know how to do what they do and many workers' families have been doing it for generations. Same here; skilled workers, known as 'stitchers' make most of all motorcycle protective clothing in one place, and its not the USA. But, like most of you, we like to think "America First" but have to go where the skilled workers are.  So, our best alternative is donate a percentage of every profit dollar to a pool of American Charities.  That's right, we're all in this together and its important to help each other.

1. Why buy from us? What you wear when riding is tied to your riding experience.  What we do is to make your experience better, without costing you the hundreds of dollars charged by big name brands.
2. How can you claim "better quality, lower prices?"  We design it, manufacture it, sell it direct to you.  With higher quality and lower prices, you save BIG.
3. You want to "Buy American?"  Everything we sell is either designed, made, or need-created here.  Plus, a portion of every Dollar you spend here goes to a pool of American Charities.  For Jobs, Food, Health Care; we're all in this together.3.  Warranty.  We stand behind our products and stand with our customers. 

Our Team

To make this work, we assembled a great Team: 

a. Richard; who thought of this and manages it all.

b. Sarah; who is in charge of events, promotion, and special sales.

c. Muhammad; who is in charge of manufacturing.

d. Brandon, who fills in where ever he is needed.

Meet the Team

Our Customers

 Without whom this couldn't have happened. 

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