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Event Organizers

How to Increase Event Attendance with Our Products

PROOF SHIRT ARTWORK 12th Annual_edited.jpg
PROOF SHIRT ARTWORK 12th Annual_edited.jpg

Event Memories

Attention Event Organizers!


Events such as rallies, poker runs, swap meets and the like are memorable moments for event organizers and attendees. These Events are where people have great times, fall in love, and make lifetime friendships.  Now you can make those memories something that people can touch, hold, use and wear. 

It's not expensive and we can do it all for you; free artwork, shirts, hats, key chains, fobs, whatever. We can help you to increase attendance, advance sales, and event day ticket sales. Send me an email with your event details and your telephone number and I'll show you how we can help you to create attendance and extra revenue for your event and your charity plus increase attendance retention by giving your guests a great event memory so that they will want to come back again and again!

Email me today!