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High Quality and Low Prices

What is the quality of your Gear?

Our quality is very high quality.  We have our own factory, where we make all the clothing ourselves.  We have access to really high-tech materials, like Super Fabric.  NASA has plans to use it in the construction of EVA or "Space Suits", because it resists abrasion extremely well. We test new materials all the time. We can design and have a working prototype within two weeks.

What's this "Threat Resistant" mean?

In the USA in 2020, Covid-19 wasn't the only thing with sky-high, daily increasing numbers.  More guns were bought by Americans than EVER  before.  That  plus the Covid quarantine, civil unrest; all came together and when mixed with "road rage", people started shooting each other, even mass shootings became common.  So, starting with our redesign of a high-quality 'biker vest' we've launched a Bulletproof option. The option is in the liner. Its protective against the most common handgun bullet, the Luger 9mm and 9mm short.  We sent off sample of our tech to one of only three approved Ballistics Labs in the USA.  It easily passed and the Lab's Report can be accessed with the menu.

Do you accept returns?

Yes.  All we ask is that you follow our size charts.  Then, if you want to return something, please do that within 14 days of receiving it.  Send it back with tags intact, clean, and no rips, tears, or stains.  It will be your choice to exchange it or get your money back.